Phallosan Forte(PLUS+) Review: Price/Benefits/Gains

Phallosan Forte system, its features reviewed

The small size of the penis is a real problem, which is one of the most basic causes of complexes and sexual weakness. Therefore, men with a small penis should, as soon as possible, choose the ideal method for stimulating the growth of the genital organ, with which you can not only increase the size of the penis but also improve the quality of sexual life.

Phallosan Forte is a new system that uses vacuum projection technology in its work. The main feature of the device is its effective and safe action, which is confirmed by clinical studies. The process of mechanical enlargement and lengthening of the penis occurs without risk and pain.

The Phallosan Forte system has a unique design that is not visible underclothes, which means that while wearing the device a man can fully lead an ordinary life – go to work, drive a car, go to the gym, and many others. other

The effectiveness of the Phallosan Forte vacuum extender is ensured by stretching the tissues of the penis under the influence of a vacuum environment, which helps to increase its size and eliminate symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Due to the constant tension of the penis, microcracks form in microtissues, namely cave tissues, during the healing process of which new cells appear. A special stretching belt can be installed, at the request of the patient, to the right and left.

More benefits reviewed

In addition to stretching, the penis is continuously affected by the vacuum that forms inside the plastic cap. Under the influence of a vacuum, blood circulation is activated inside the penis, and this, in turn, leads to increased potency and getting rid of signs of erectile dysfunction.

Thus, the penis receives a double portion of effective exposure – stretching and vacuum. The result of such an integrated approach is a quick, effective, and safe result in just 6 months.

Where to Buy Phallosan Forte?

The only place where you can buy the original product is the official website. It’s easy to place an order and pay online. You can get the best price, save money on spare parts, and receive the package using standard or express delivery worldwide. Use the discount and choose one of two available versions: Phallosan Forte or Phallosan Forte Plus.


Research and Results Using Phallosan Forte

In 2006, a clinical study was conducted in one of the specialized urological clinics in Germany, in which 100 men took part. After regular six-month use of Phallosan Forte, the size of the penis in all men increased by about 5 cm.

Moreover, the diameter of the penis became 2.5 cm thicker. Patients who wore an extender 10 hours a day received the most positive result. 60% of the participants in the experiment said that the sensitivity of the penis increased significantly, while the erection became more powerful and lasting, which in the most favorable way affected the quality of sexual intercourse.

10 participants in the experiment were men who underwent surgery on the prostate gland. After a week of using the system, their potency increased, and the need for additional stimulants of erection completely disappeared. In 15% of men, the angle of curvature of the penis decreased from 65 to 35 degrees.

Thus, we can summarize and summarize the results that patients achieved during this study:

  • The increased size of the genital organ by 15% – 35%;
  • The diameter of the penis has become wider by 10% – 30%;
  • The negative manifestations of erectile dysfunction ceased to bother all participants in the experiment;
  • The sensitivity of the penis has become much higher;
  • Patients managed to get rid of the symptoms of Peyronie’s disease.


What problems can be solved with Phallosan Forte?

Phallosan Forte is one of the few multi-purpose systems with which you can solve a lot of problems:

  • Small penis size;
  • The manifestation of symptoms of Peyronie’s disease, which are expressed in the curvature of the penis (acquired or congenital), erectile dysfunction;
  • Reduced potency, which prevents full sexual relations. A man experiences regular problems of the following nature – weak erection, premature ejaculation, insufficient sperm volume during ejaculation, etc.

In order to get rid of all of the above problems, you should regularly, for six months, use the unique Phallosan Fort system, which will quickly and efficiently return you to full sex life.

Phallosan Forte Plus Review

The manufacturer of the popular Phallosan Forte device has launched the improved version of the expansion system, the design of which includes additional metal rods.

Due to the presence of metal pins, the Phallosan Forte Plus expander is not the only vacuum, and it can be safely attributed to the category of extenders. The new model has a more stylish and ergonomic design. The device is made of high-quality medical materials that are not able to cause the development of an allergic reaction.

Options Phallosan Forte and features assembly design

The design of the Phallosan Forte system consists of an impressive set of spare parts:

  • Silicone ring, which is reinforced with foam rubber;
  • Buckle with which to adjust the size of the belt;
  • Elastic and durable belt, which is designed to fix the vacuum expander;
  • Clamp for fixing the vacuum tip;
  • Three vacuum condoms, which must be selected according to the size of the penis;
  • Protective cap for the glans penis;
  • A pear, with the help of which a vacuum medium is created inside the cap;
  • Measurement gauge for choosing the optimal condom size;
  • Two types of instructions – paper and video.

Before fixing the Phallosan Forte system on the surface of the penis, the user needs to choose the most appropriate condom size, and then connect it to the suction pump. The tread cap must be pulled over the glans penis. Next, lock the belt, having previously adjusted its length so that tension is felt.

How does Phallosan Forte work?

In order to get a favorable and safe result from using the Phallosan Forte system, you should strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions. In the first week, it is recommended to wear the unit for no more than one hour per day.

Further, the duration of wearing the expander should be gradually increased so that by the end of the first month of use, the duration of wearing the system reaches 8 – 10 hours. The manufacturer does not recommend wearing Phallosan Forte at night. At night, the level of sensitivity of the human body is significantly reduced, which can cause the appearance of an undesired result.

The advantages of the Phallosan Forte system are as follows:

  • A universal penis stretching device with which you can get rid of the most common male problems – poor erection, premature ejaculation, the curvature of the penis, small penis size, etc .;
  • Ease of assembly;
  • Convenience and comfort during operation;
  • High-quality materials. The Phallosan Forte system is made of high-quality medical materials;
  • Affordable price;
  • Safe and effective action.

Reviews of the Phallosan Forte(Plus) have a very positive bias. Users claim that during the operation of the installation they did not experience negative side effects in the form of sprains, bruises, and other mechanical damage. All men ascertain the fact of obtaining positive results – a strong and lasting erection, a larger penis, elimination of the curvature of the penis, etc.

I tried Phallosan Forte Plus

  1. Details
  2. Assembly
  3. A story about the device itself
  4. Phallosan Forte Plus
  5. How to put on

The Phallosan Forte pressure level is really high – about 4800 grams(but in fact, I saw the 2.5 kilos), none of the extenders I know can offer something similar.

The clip-on system is matched with the belt. You just need to thread your penis through this ring.

You simply attach the device with a clip and the system is securely fastened.

Next, tension is created, which pulls the head of the penis. This is how it works. If you look closely, the attachment itself looks pretty strong, although the rods themselves rotate like this and the real tension, the pressure is directed clearly to the right parts of the penis and the device itself works flawlessly in the system.

It provides the desired pressure level, attaches perfectly, and retains all the settings. And this is the most important thing for effective penis enlargement.

Now about the cons of the device:

The penis ring is actually quite small in diameter, this is important for those who have a wide penis in girth, in addition, this ring should ideally be made larger since any touch to the penis provides additional friction, which can be unpleasant, trust me.

In order for the Phallosan Forte to be effective, it is simply necessary to connect the PLUS version over time if you want maximum results. In addition, upon purchase, you should not forget about 4 additional sleeves for the device that you can get for free. They are very soft and tear frequently.

By the way, 4 sleeves cost $100 on the site, so this is a nice bonus. But don’t forget to indicate when ordering what you need. Click here to order the device.

I am trying to draw your attention to the fact that the PLUS version will not suit those men who have a rather wide penis, you will simply be uncomfortable. Ideally, the device works for a small penis and is almost medium.

The rods of the device are very close to each other. There is really little space for the penis. All this makes the contact between the penis and the movable tension springs quite unpleasant.

After all, you can easily pinch the tissue of the penis, and, believe me, it will be very unpleasant. There is no sense of comfort because of this. Men who have a fairly wide penis are especially affected. Since you wear the device in your pants and walk, all of this makes the possibility of penile tissue getting into the spring system a reality. Nothing critical, but you need to count on this and you need to be ready for this.

Do not forget to tighten the springs in order to adjust the pressure. This process is very inconvenient as the head of the movement is very small and there is no room to turn it. Quite ill-considered, as for me. It will be especially inconvenient for beginners.

Advantages: I must say that the system is made in such a way that you would be comfortable wearing it in your pants. Just look at this elastic, how the system adjusts to your movements and doesn’t cause discomfort when wearing. You can use it while you sleep because it is so flexible and soft, your penis is always safe.

Actual questions about the Phallosan Forte system

Many men who decide to experience the positive effects of the Phallosan Forte expansion system have a number of questions that can be answered right now.

Is Phallosan Forte System Effective and Safe?

Yes, the Phallosan Forte system is one of the most effective and safe methods to stimulate penile growth, as well as eliminate penis curvature. These facts have been repeatedly confirmed in clinical and laboratory studies.

Is Phallosan Forte a Certified Device?

The Phallosan Forte is a high-quality device, the mechanism of which was patented back in 2005. The main confirmation of the high quality, efficiency, and safety of the device are multiple quality certificates, the contents of which can be found on the official website of the manufacturer.

How long to wait for a positive result?

The duration of obtaining the result promised by the manufacturer depends on several key factors – the correctness and length of daily wear, as well as the physiological characteristics of the body. The duration of the recommended course of operation of the system is 6 months.

Where to buy the device?

If you want to purchase an original device, you should make a deal only with an official manufacturer. On the manufacturer’s website, you can buy the system at a significantly reduced price with a quality guarantee.

Side effects

Provided that the Phallosan Forte expansion unit is used correctly, the occurrence of negative adverse reactions is completely and completely eliminated. Note. If the patient does not strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions and also uses the unit in the presence of absolute contraindications, then side effects cannot be avoided. The negative reaction from improper use of the expander is manifested in the form of various kinds of mechanical damage to the penis.

  • Delivery time

Phallosan Forte delivery is possible in any region of the world, and its terms directly depend on the chosen carrier company. The most affordable tariffs are offered by shipping companies, however, the delivery time, in this case, is from 21 to 60 days.

The problem of the small size of the penis may not be a problem at all if it is approached correctly. Phallosan Forte is a multifunctional vacuum expander with which you can increase the parameters of the reproductive organ by 35%. The patented action technology guarantees patients a safe result after 6 months of regular use.

So, further, I would like to talk about my own experience using the device. I am really grateful to the developers for creating a truly unique and effective extender, which I was not afraid of. What do I mean?

And the fact that any of the strap extenders with a strap mount is some kind of horror movie device. Well, the truth is, it’s even worse than a penis pump. Some aluminum rods that need to be screwed in accordance with the length of the penis, need to tighten the screws and God forbid not damage the member, to make it comfortable.

In fact, the forums about stretching a member say that any strap design is very rigid and simply does not fit for many. Especially if your penis is very sensitive to the effects of stretching the penis mechanically.

Yes, we have many features, individual reactions to this technology. Therefore, if you do not want to experiment and are not ready to do very difficult things on your own, without doctors, without outside advice, then it is better to use the safest extender in the world of Phallosan Forte.

Want more penis traction? Then select the Phallosan Forte Plus version, which has a reinforced rod base that can increase pressure and make your penis enlargement truly effective.

That’s right, today I have already bought the Plus version as I trust the manufacturer, device, the latest developments of German scientists.

But let’s get back to my experience using Phallosan Forte for 8 months. I will tell:

  1. How I put on the device for the first time and used it
  2. What program did you develop and how did you follow it?
  3. What are my impressions of using the device in the first weeks?
  4. What results did I achieve in 1-8 months?
  5. How to wear the device
  6. How I slept with him at night
  7. I will tell you about my feelings and changes in penis size and sex life

My Own Experience of Suing Phallosan Forte During 8 Months()


So, I received the parcel in a box without identification marks, it contained a convenient box, when you open it, you immediately see the components of the device and I really want to assemble them. At the same time, there is no fear or excitement, but rather anticipation.

After all, I finally decided how difficult it was. But now, when I see the Phallosan Forte device with my own eyes, it really seems to me that I used to lose time and I quickly started to assemble and configure it.

I’ll tell you to step by step how I used the extender:

  1. Initially, I read the instructions that come in different languages ​​and watched the official video on how to use the device
  2. I measured the width of my penis using a special ruler from Phallosan Forte and determined that the average size M suits me for choosing a suction bell – a vacuum chamber for the penis
  3. Of course, the first thing I did was touch all the spare parts, membranes, a condom, and a belt that fastens the device to the body. It just struck me how delicate all these details were. Very soft, I can’t even imagine how it can be compared with any strap extender that uses silicone tubes and straps
  4. Next, I connected the tension clip to the suction bell with a simple twist, secured them together
  5. Then calmly put on a condom you need the size on the suction bell
  6. After that, I put on my penis a protector cap, by the way, a very delicate thing, pleasant to feel
  7. Next, I inserted the penis into the vacuum chamber and pulled the condom onto the penis, so the structure was already in place, but it had to be fixed and created a vacuum
  8. To do this, just turn the green valve on the tension clip to the pump icon
  9. Now the most interesting thing is that we create a vacuum with a few clicks on the tension clip from above, pumping takes place, you will immediately feel it since your penis will be firmly fixed in the camera
  10. After that, it is important to turn the green valve to the locked position – now your penis is firmly fixed in the structure
  11. We begin to put on the strap, for this, we simply thread it to the base of the penis
  12. Next, we grab a waist around them, and with the help of a special clip we connect the base of the strap and the device
  13. Next, tighten the belt with a clip so that the structure fits firmly on you
  14. In the last stage – we set the level of tension, for this you have an indicator scale, the more you pull the belt – the more pressure increases on the penis. Choose the best one to start with and focus on your feelings.
  15. I constantly checked the tension level and my settings – and everything was always perfect
  16. The principle of operation of Phallosan Forte is based on dynamic load. This means that with at least some movements, the load can change and this is not bad, because dynamically changing tension helps to stretch the penis more confidently
  17. To successfully enlarge the penis and straighten it, if it is crooked, it is very important that the load is long, constant or dynamic
  18. Everything is ready to use! Now you can wear it for hours at the same time – not necessarily just at home. I often went out with him, because the design turned out to be invisible under clothes, anatomically correct.
  19. The first time I was able to use the device immediately for almost an hour and a half. When I took it off, I did not see any side effects, redness of the penis, or problems with the flow of blood to it. Everything was perfect.
  20. Now everything became clear to me, I did not have any difficulties with setting up and putting on the device, I had only positive impressions and I started my program for stretching the penis
  21. First of all, I downloaded the Phallosan App to manage the device’s usage schedule and record my results and measurements.
  22. Next, I also downloaded instructions on how to use Jelqing exercises to stretch a member with my hands for greater efficiency.
  23. I understood that the load should increase gradually and the time of use as well. Those. The first week I wore the device 1-1.5 hours at a time, then a break of 2 hours and even up to 2 hours. I was comfortable and focused on the sensations. Next week, I increased the wearing time. After 3 weeks – tension. I understood that it was tension and constant load that provoke the growth of penile tissue cells, so I followed comfort, but I did not forget about the tension
  24. My impressions after a month of use were the best. I have already seen improvements in erection quality and stamina during sex. I have a regular sexual partner and now I get an erection faster and stay in bed longer. She immediately noticed this.
  25. In the 2nd month, I could already use the device for 5 hours a day, the load was already growing on the indicator scale, and I followed my program and wrote the results into Phallosan Forte applications. My length has already begun to grow – by 0.5 inches
  26. Next month – good growth – another half an inch. Every day I did Jelqing exercises for 15 minutes, it was very effective, simple and the load was different
  27. In the 4th month, I decided to try to sleep with the device. The first days were difficult, unusual and I could not stand it all night. Only 2-3 hours. Later – for 4 hours, but did not use it all night and woke up from discomfort. But I realized that during sleep the device works. The results were excellent – another 0.5 inches long and already 0.5 inches wide. I want to say that the width of the penis grew worse compared to the length, but this is normal. I have already grown 1.5 inches and was inspired to work with the device.
  28. I also read a lot about Penimaster PRO, but this device is much more difficult to use and configure, and I decided to choose the Phallosan Forte and did not regret it
  29. In the 5th month, the results stopped a little, I tried to increase the load, but it did not seem to work. It was a month of stagnation
  30. 6th and 7th month – it was extremely productive, I grew another 1.5 inches in length and another 1 inch in width. It was a great growth and I’m already a little tired of working with the device.

How is it to constantly wear an extender for 8 months? Pretty hard!

  1. You constantly think about him
  2. You always take it off and put it on
  3. Checking the settings
  4. Hiding to wear it
  5. You need not forget it on the road, you need to think about when to plan time, you need to check the application and your notes, track progress
  6. You need to constantly do exercises, as they help to achieve results faster.
  7. During the use of the device, I used 4 condoms, it’s good that when I ordered, they gave me 4 more for free. By the way, forget to write about it in the order details, I received 4 condoms worth $ 100 for free

After my work with Phallosan Forte, I was ready to continue, but my dick grew noticeably, I began to give pleasure to my partner, she praised my successes in every way and ended over and over again. I was afraid that the results would go away, that the penis would begin to decrease again since I stopped working with the device, but this did not happen.

A month passed and the results did not disappear, which means they are permanent and I really enlarged my penis. It was very difficult for me to deliver a vaginal orgasm before my partner, and now it was simple and always worked.

The penis began to not only reach the G-SPOT, but it also became wider and better stimulate the walls of the vagina. I was happy and confident. I used to always make her have sex, now she does it, although I did not become a better lover, I just got a bigger penis. The erection was strengthened all 8 months and now we can have sex for hours.

I realized my dream – to increase the penis and I did not think that it would be so simple without the intervention of doctors. I think every man who is not happy with the size of his penis should buy exactly Phallosan Forte, which gives the result in half a year.

Phallosan Forte Use – 1-8 months. My experience and results

After all the official data and characteristics, I just want to talk about how I used the device for 6 months. I really gave preference to him, although in my collection there are a lot of devices – these are SizeGenetics, Male Edge, Jes Extender, Penimaster PRO.

As a journalist, I first investigated the main thing about this device – clinical research. All this is professional literature, all this is available in the public domain and it was very interesting for me, as a specialist, to get acquainted with the test results.

All the numbers led me into a real delight, such significant achievements with such a simple, seemingly device. But I did understand that I was dealing with the latest development of German scientists. At the same time, I regret that the new version of the Phallosan Forte Plus extender was released just now. I already managed to order it and expect delivery from day to day.

I achieved the result precisely with Phallosan Forte – an increase in the penis by 3.5 inches is an excellent result, while I did not feel as much discomfort as when wearing other extenders.

Penimaster PRO, which is a competitor to Phallosan Forte, also disappointed me with the fact that the vacuum in it was broken so often and I had to constantly change consumables – condoms, membranes.

Somehow, all this was unreliable and had to take breaks, since the parts had been delivered from Germany for quite some time. That’s right – Penimaster PRO is also a German development, but a completely different company. And obviously, the Phallosan Forte developer, Swiss Anna, took more care of the durability of their device and the durability of its consumables.

Do not get me wrong, Penimaster PRO has an army of fans, just like the Phallosan Forte. But it was really more convenient and easier for me to work with the latter since its design was much easier to work with.

Easy to use

Dressing and removing it is much easier, and monitoring the level of tension is very convenient.
I am delighted with Phallosan Forte primarily because I have consistently seen the growth of the penis in length and width. Yes, it is important that the penis grows in proportion.

In the case of rod extenders, in which a member is held with a strap, sometimes the width of the penis grows slowly or there is no growth at all. The design of Phallosan Forte allows you to expand the penis systematically in both length and width, the results are convenient to measure.

It was very convenient for me to do the routine of increasing a member due to the Phallosan App, which I installed on my Android phone. In fact, no other manufacturer of extenders has yet to offer its application, although it’s convenient for me to work with it since my affairs and tasks recorded on the phone do not overlap.

I have my own separate notebook with reminders on working with the extender.
Now let’s talk about getting started with Phallosan Forte and about our program that brought me the result.

Day 1

So, having received the extender by mail, I seriously intended to immediately try it in practice, but for this, I needed to assemble it. Opening the box, I saw a fairly simple device that inspired my confidence. Honestly, when you see a device like Penimaster Chrome – it’s a bar extender with many rods and other aluminum objects, you immediately start to worry. Is all this necessary in order to assemble some kind of device that will stretch my penis?

With Phallosan Forte, everything turned out to be too simple and I did not need to adapt. Yes, yes, with any extender – this is the whole story. They need to be adjusted according to the length of the rods, as well as the level of tension by unscrewing the screws. Moreover, it is important to distribute the load correctly on both sides, otherwise, it may be ineffective.

So, I just measured the diameter of my penis using a special ruler, chose the desired bell size (there are three of them), immediately attached it to the device, then put on the Protector cap on the penis, and a condom on the bell.

Then he simply put the head of the penis in the bell and pressed the vacuum button several times. It immediately formed, but since the penis was in the Protector cap and the vacuum adhesion technology was used in which the vacuum was created not directly with the head of the penis – but through the Protector cap – I was very comfortable.

On the one hand – a member was securely fixed in a vacuum chamber, on the other – I attached a belt and wrapped it around the belt. It is important to set the initial level of tension, this is easily done using the display scale. Everything was ready for use and I tried to walk around the house with the device in my underpants.

The feeling is a bit unusual. After all, the member was in some kind of tension, it somewhat knocked me down, but was glad that I did not feel discomfort.

Week 1

So, I watched an additional few instructional videos directly from the manufacturer, carefully read the instructions, and read various user reviews on the forums to increase the penis. I also have a slightly curved penis and I heard that the technology of stretching the penis using an extender can be effective.

My radius of curvature does not exceed 20%, in principle, I have long come to terms with this feature. But some women with whom I have sex with a certain misunderstanding looked at my dick. In any case, if I am already working on penis enlargement, why not work on straightening it.

Solve 2 of your problems right away? So that this immediately gets realized, I wore the extender so that the belt was pulled to the side opposite to the curvature. I have it bent to the right, so I pulled it to the left.

The instructions say that I should focus on my feelings in matters of setting the tension. I did just that – set the tension comfortable for me, but with a certain load.

I noticed that while walking the extender itself is perfectly hidden behind wide pants, it is not visible at all. I have the same shorts and in the summer the put-on extender was not visible at all.

At the same time, I noticed that during walking or changing activities, the load constantly changed, I even increased it a little more. But later I read that dynamic load is a feature of the Phallosan Forte extender and it can be even more effective than constant traction.

The most important thing is that traction is present as long as possible and the load is comfortable but sufficient. I wore an extender for 1-2 hours, then took a break for about an hour, then another 2 hours, if the situation and my own workload allowed, late in the evening I wore an extender even before 2 hours.

Side effects: I didn’t even notice the redness of the penis, but after I took off – for some time I felt overtraining

At first, I could not guess with this balance, and I did everything intuitively.

2-3 weeks

I specifically combined these 2 weeks, as my addiction lasted for this period. I already knew exactly what a confident load is, how it changes, and how to be distracted from the feeling that your penis is constantly stretching something.

I want to say that I forced myself to be distracted because wearing it for even more than an hour bothered me, but every day it became easier for me. Already in the 3rd week, getting used to it, I began to wear the extender longer, was not afraid to go out with it, and put it on constantly in the car. By the way, I did it while sitting and as easily – as I took off or put on a sweater while sitting in the driver’s seat. You get used to everything.

Results: I have not noticed yet, although the erection has become clearly stronger

4-5 weeks

I clearly recorded my routine, the work done on straightening the penis, notes already appeared in my application on the mobile phone: sensations, new achievements in the load, etc. I used it all the time and it even turned into some kind of hobby.

And most importantly – I never thought about how long I wear the extender when to remove or wear it. Everything was prescribed for me in time and a month later I began to start measuring the penis. I didn’t even want to do this earlier so as not to be upset, to be motivated.

At the same time, I made the first measurement after 4 weeks and the penis was 0.5 inches longer. It really happened! There have not been changes in width yet, but how many times have I remeasured – and indeed more by 0.5.

I have already noted this matter and realized what a surge of strength I am currently experiencing. My first results! I am already moving towards my goal with confidence. I have already increased the load, the color is already yellow, which means that I am progressing.

5-8 weeks

I already began to believe in penis enlargement and in addition to this, I began to notice how the penis began to straighten slightly, I do not know how to measure the radius, but it clearly became a little more even. I continued to stretch it hard to the left to correct the curvature and it worked.

By the end of the 8th week, my penis began to grow not only in length (and this is +0.5 inches), but also in width. It was up to 0.3 inches, but they were clearly fixed.

I didn’t even notice the put on the extender, I could wear it for 3-4 hours at a time, about 6-7 hours a day. I even started to sleep with him – but it was not very successful. I can drift off for an hour and wake up from anxiety. Surely all this is very individual.

3-4 months

These are the key months when I clearly saw penis growth. The load sometimes reached a red line, I almost without looking inserted a penis and set a vacuum, tension began to change the method of tightening the belt – on the neck and under the knee.

This gave an interesting load. I intensively contributed fresh data on the results to my application and already intended to write this post on the blog, since there was a lot of data collected.

Penis growth during this period of 1.5 inches is the most significant. In just 3 months, rising to 2.5 inches – it was unbelievable. And this has already happened, the width of the penis has grown by 0.5 inches.

At 5-6 months

I started to connect Jelqing’s routine to the work, as I read that at some point, growth may slow down, but I really did not want it. Penis enlargement techniques were not difficult, but there is no one to control the correctness of their implementation. So this is completely your task. As I was afraid there was a stop with the growth of the penis, but he began to straighten more confidently. The curvature is about half gone.

7-8 month

I achieved my results – 3.5 inches long, 1 inch wide and the curvature took 15% out of 20%. I believe that Phallosan Forte fully met its expectations. But not numbers are important, but real feelings. I look in the mirror and see my eroded cock and I think that this is not mine.

The penis became larger, while the growth of 1 inch does not give this feeling. I saw him only on the line. All the time I began to show a member to my sexual partners, there were several of them and everyone noticed the difference so much that they could not believe their eyes. They saw before and after and are now wondering how it happened.


It is important to note that the changes occurred not only with the length, the width of the penis, and its shape (he straightened), my erection became much stronger, and orgasms became more sensitive. I really began to stay in bed longer and was able to recover faster after orgasm so that I could have sex after ejaculation in 10 minutes. It used to take up to 40 minutes.

Phallosan Forte is an incredible penis enlargement tool. Although everyone says that the strap mount and rods give a faster result, I don’t like to put them on the penis in principle. It scares me, but Phallosan Forte is completely equipped to wear an extender. I probably would have achieved results much faster with the classic extender, but it is important how I got it – without side effects, without discomfort, and in a good mood.

I definitely recommend you to repeat my experience, especially since Phallosan Forte Plus has already been released and you can increase the load several times now.