Phallosan Forte Results. My 7-Month Gains (Before/After pics)

Do you want to know what results in real users of Phallosan Forte achieve? Then I can share with you my own achievements in the field of penis enlargement. This is a vivid demonstration – before and after photos.

My story and first impressions

So, I bought the extender about 8 months ago, it was exactly the Phallosan Forte extender itself, I used it for 5 months, tying a belt at the waist, setting the tension.

I went outside with it, I went with it in the car and even slept with it. It was an incredible experience and most importantly, I did not feel any pain or side effects.

In the first 5 months of using the device, I have grown 1.8 inches in penis length and 0.7 in width. Incredible results!

Then, after 5 months, I learned that Phallosan Forte has released a new PLUS attachment, which is actually a boom system with springs. Those. in fact, you need to replace the belt tensioning system with a rod tensioner.

I bought it without hesitation, as I felt a slight stop in the results and I wanted to use the barbell extender earlier, but I did not know which one to switch to. The advent of the PLUS version completely revolutionized my knowledge of vacuum extenders.

I have never used a rod extender before. And this is a hybrid – my penis head is held in the system using a vacuum chamber, and on the other hand, the penis itself is stretched using a barbell structure.

My results after another 3 months of using the PLUS version :

1.2 inches long and 0.4 inches wide

How did I achieve these results?

So the result itself is my big work on stretching the penis. What it consisted of:

  1. I had to use the extender for the first time, get used to it, record my characteristics in the Phallosan Forte application, which was created for Android
  2. I set the tension every time I used
  3. I have tried using it not only at home but also outdoors
  4. I tried sleeping with him – and withstood about 4-5 hours of sleep over time
  5. I switched to the PLUS version and mastered a new routine for myself. This was more difficult as the tension had to be adjusted with screws. I read the instructions, watched the video, focused on my feelings
  6. I got used to the new PLUS version – it was much more difficult than using the belt version. Despite the fact that I have been an extender user for 5 months, the barbell version came as a complete surprise to me

I know the truth about Phallosan Forte now

  1. The constant use of the same method of stretching the penis, in this case using a strap, leads to a gradual reduction in the dynamics of obtaining results
  2. Changing the design and type of stretching of the penis – immediately gave the result. I probably needed to switch to a barbell extender even earlier. But if not for the appearance of the PLUS version in Phallosan Forte, I would hardly have bought another device, I am so used to Phallosan Forte
  3. It is also very important to use the Jelqing and Kegels exercises, which help to diversify the routine and use an additional way to stretch the penis.
  4. I also recommend taking pills to increase erection – they stimulate the rapid filling of the penis and its additional space by stretching blood. I bought VigRx Plus and am very pleased with the end result
  5. If you have the option, also buy a HydroXtreme or even Hydromax penis pump. They are both made by Bathmate, I read on the forum that penis pumping greatly increases the result. I did it – augmented my routine using a pump. Perhaps you did not count on this when reading this article. But I wanted to get the maximum result and I saw that the devices worked and that the penis could actually be enlarged. I went to the result.

You are probably wondering how my penis grew and how long it took me to get the first results. I myself want to tell you the details of my success – this is important.

The first results are especially important – first, it is an improvement in sexual functions and erection, and over time – the growth of the tissues of the penis, which in fact is called an increase in the penis.

I have not used any surgery, just stretching the penis. And as I said earlier, I used to do this:

  1. Extender Phallosan Forte
  2. A special PLUS console from the same brand
  3. Jelqing and Kegels Penis Stretching Techniques
  4. VigRx Plus erection pills that stimulated my erection and made it as powerful and long-lasting as possible
  5. I also bought a HydroXtreme pump with which I pumped for 15 minutes in the shower.

Could I have done just the Phallosan Forte extender? Initially, I used only it for 5 months and achieved results, but from my graph below you will understand that this is clearly not enough to increase the penis by 3 inches. I’m not the only one talking about this, but hundreds of men who write on the forums about Phallosan Forte .

At some point, the growth of the penis stops, if you do not change the approach to stretching the penis – technology, method, and do not stimulate blood circulation to the penis. After all, it is a powerful erection that makes the penis bigger.

Timeline of my results(Before/After) with Phallosan Forte

1 use is the most responsible, the most difficult, the most exciting. I want to mark it separately because it all started with it: acquaintance with the device, the first unusual sensations, the first impression, the first concern.

I will say right away – I watched the instructions and photos and videos, while I did not have any difficulties in choosing the right Bell , preparing the structure for use. Really simple, understandable.

My impressions? The extender just impressed me with its quality and softness of materials such as Protector cap , condom, belt. I also easily adjusted the tension using a special device. If you look at my Before and After pictures, you will see the progress month by month.

The most difficult thing was to initially adjust the length of the belt and set the tension with it. Everything worked out, I set the initial tension using the indicator and put on underpants, then pants.

The first sensations were strange, my penis and I were in shock with them. Something was stretching him, something was affecting and it was an unusual sensation that I had never experienced before.

I wore the extender for the first time for only 45 minutes, and after taking it off, I immediately began to massage the penis, looked at its head. But he didn’t even have redness. An hour or two later – no consequences. This inspired me and I decided to try wearing it again. Literally, 30 minutes and I already felt the tension, so I decided to stop.

I thought it was enough for the first acquaintance.

My routine and results (from the 1st to last day)

1st week

So, I deliberately detail everything, because I understand that I want to get a complete picture of how the device is used by a real person, and not just these numbers or training plans. I want you to understand that I used the device as a living person.

I was worried, I was nervous, I constantly checked the level of tension, the tightness of the fixation of the head of the penis in the vacuum chamber, I checked the tension, I watched how the belt was sitting if nothing had moved.

Why is this so important? I read that if you put on the extender poorly, set the wrong tension, then all your workouts are useless. This is why it is important that the head of the penis is firmly anchored in the chamber so that you feel the tension and it is constant.

When using Phallosan Forte, the tension can be dynamic. What does it mean? When you walk, it changes the traction force, somewhere it weakens, but this does not mean that it is bad. It’s just that dynamic tension has its own characteristics and is effective in its own way.

But don’t be confused by incorrect tension setting, slipping of the penis out of the vacuum chamber, etc. with the dynamic load. These are two different things. The incorrect setting is fraught with ineffective use.

During the first week of using the device, I tried to increase the wearing time with the correct settings, I did not increase traction, but I tried to add half an hour all the time, every day.

Penis traction works in such a way that cell division of the tissues of the penis occurs when there is prolonged exposure to traction and with the right level of tension.

The higher these parameters, the more efficiency. In doing so, you should focus on your feelings. You should be comfortable under any conditions – then it all works. If you feel pain – aching or cutting, if after using the device your penis hurts, blisters appear or capillaries burst – then you are using Phallosan Forte incorrectly.

So, every day I was able to increase the time of using the extender and, at the same time, after 2 weeks I was ready to slightly increase the traction, since I was already used to the first session that I set and it was even easy for me.

I used the extender at home for about 2 hours in the morning, before going to the office, then got into the car with it and drove for another half hour, after that I took it off right in the car and left it in the box. Then after work, I put it on at home for 3 hours, it turned out in general up to 6 hours of use.

If I didn’t have time to put it on in the morning, if I was in a hurry, then I could go to sleep with him for 3-4 hours. It is also effective, although you will hardly be able to use it longer than this time. I shot it at night without getting out of bed, then I did it without even looking in the dark.

The device was very elastic, comfortable, all the materials that came into contact with the head of the penis were as pleasant as possible.

2nd month

The routine is the same – the time is about 6-7 hours a day, the tension is adjusted upward, I tried to sleep at night. I always wrote down my readings – height, sensations, time of use. Growth has not yet been observed, while I felt a rush of blood during an erection. What was not there before – the erection became stronger, more powerful, and lasted longer than usual.

The 3rd month

It was also not associated with the growth of the penis, but more with indicators of erection strength, duration, quality of sex. The orgasm was much stronger, I stayed in bed longer and had sex longer, which gave me more opportunities to satisfy my partner.

4th month

The growth of the penis, and in 1 month at once by 1 inch. I checked everything many times, every day, and wrote down my testimony, it got bigger! At the same time, I also saw an increase in a relaxed state, which made me incredibly happy, because my penis in a relaxed state looks very small and I wanted to fix it.

The 5th month

This month of using the Phallosan Forte extender was fundamental for me, because right now I started using the PLUS version, which just went on sale on the official website. The dealers did not have it yet, it was a complete exclusive. I found it interesting, although I definitely didn’t want to start my penis traction routine with a barbell extender earlier.

The device itself turned out to be very light, easy to connect and set up, although I pinched the penis tissue a couple of times , which got into the tension spring mechanism. All this is because the diameter of the penis ring was very modest, and the barbells themselves were located very close to each other so that they touched the penis constantly.

It was also difficult for me to get used to because I had never used a barbell extender before, even if the head of the penis is held by a conventional vacuum chamber, on the other hand, the tension was more difficult to set, the structure looked very flimsy during setup. But at the same time, it was the necessary softness that made it comfortable to use.

Then everything began as from the beginning – new sensations due to increased traction. Addictive, more breaks, less use. This is exactly how it is. If with the Phallosan Forte strap fastening it was easy to withstand even 6 hours, with 1-2 breaks. Then with a new attachment, I withstood a maximum of 4.

Penis growth was gradual and constant throughout the 5th and 6th months. The growth of the penis was approximately 2 inches long and 0.5 inches wide. The growth was very proportional and natural. At the same time, I began to take VigRx Plus tablets , 2 pcs per day, to enhance erection and began to actively use the techniques for stretching the penis Jelqing and Kegels .

On the forums for penis enlargement, I read that after about half a year, the growth of the penis stops or becomes smaller if you do not use new methods of stretching the penis. Knowing this, I was already actively using Jelqing and also bought my first HydroXtreme 7 penis pump .

Pumping was supposed to have a positive effect on the dynamics of penis growth. And so it happened! I used the pump 15 minutes a day, the techniques 10 minutes a day, and I wore the extender for about 4 hours.

I was very happy with my penis stretching program. I had the best extender, the best pump, and the most advanced techniques. VigRx Plus tablets strengthened my erection, although they had to be taken for at least 3 months.

Just look at my before and after pics.

The final penis growth was achieved in the 8th month of use. This does not mean that I stopped, it was just my maximum, as I understood further. Height 2.5 inches long and 0.8 inches wide.

It’s not bad! I still wear an extender periodically and also use a pump to maintain the result. Although 12 months have passed. At the same time, there is no longer any obvious growth, but I began to better control erection, ejaculation, the erection became instant and could last for hours. I don’t even know how I did not notice that my sex was so short and there were so few emotions.

Penis traction is definitely an effective technique. I tried different extenders as a journalist and my picks today are Phallosan Forte and Phallosan Forte Plus.

I recommend buying these extenders only from the official website.

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