How to Use Quick Extender Pro for Best Results(User Manual)

Quick Extender Pro is a revolutionary new-generation penis enlargement and straightening device. All thanks to the simple use of the extender. It is really easy to assemble, it is functional, it has many advantages over its competitors.

Quick Extender Pro instruction Quick Extender Pro manual How to Use Quick Extender Pro

To date, this is the most progressive device that can be used under clothing. It is lightweight, easy to use and easy to put on and take off. And the worst thing is that the penis does not fall out of the loops, because there are not one, but two. DSS Double Strap Support technology allows you to:

  1. Hold the penis so that it does not slip out of the loops
  2. Breathable pads keep bacteria out
  3. Double retention of the penis due to two loops guarantees a more comfortable wearing of the device. Usually when wearing any rod extender at the point of contact of the loop or strap with the head of the penis, excessive friction occurs. Device Quick Extender Pro , which has a length of 3.6 inches when assembled, allows you to hold the penis in two places at once. This means that the weight with which the device acts on the penis is divided into 2 points.
  4. It should also be noted that the thrust is distributed evenly along the entire length of the penis

I recommend in addition to 3-4 hour use of Quick Extender Pro also use Bathmate penis pump and Jelqing exercise . Such a routine will provide a better result. Those. you will achieve penis enlargement or straightening much faster and the effect will be more significant.

I was able to enlarge my penis by 3 inches in length and about 0.7 in width. The routine consisted of just pumping, as well as Jelqing exercises .


Quick Extender Pro uses penis traction technology . Those. the constant pressure that is applied to the tissues of the penis causes them to lengthen by creating micro tears and tissue repair in these places. Quick Extender Pro provides the possibility of increased traction, as well as extension of the rods. Both the first and second are necessary for the systematic growth of the penis in length and width.

The device is sold in 4 packages. Each has its own set of accessories. They differ in the stiffness of the springs, the number of accessories and packaging.

One of the Peyronies and Cuvature is designed specifically for those who want to straighten their penis. It includes springs of maximum rigidity, as well as the maximum number of accessories for comfort.

To achieve the result, it is enough to follow a simple instruction. In fact, the routine may differ for everyone, but you need to follow the basic rules:

  1. The extender should be worn daily and only take breaks if you experience any discomfort or side effects. This usually happens in case of excessive use of the device – for a long time or too much in terms of traction level.
  2. It is necessary to take breaks every hour, massaging the penis and increasing the blood flow to it
  3. For penis enlargement, you should always increase the pull by increasing the length of the rods or by unscrewing the tension screws.
  4. You should always be comfortable to wear, but you should feel the pull
  5. You must ensure that the penis does not fall out of the structure.

Using a penis enlargement and straightening device is almost the same. But still there are some points:

  1. To straighten the penis, it is not necessary to add weight to the bars, since the level of curvature and its direction may be different, then the rules for increasing the bars to enhance the result may not work
  2. Maximum traction may sometimes be required to straighten the penis, especially when using the device for a long time.
  3. You can not use 2 loops, but only one if it will be more comfortable for you and the penis will not slip out of the device

And now let’s move on to the direct use of the extender


The original length of the extender is 3.6 inches, you must take this into account when creating the correct length for the device to use. You need to add 4cm to the length of your relaxed penis. You must put the device on a relaxed penis. But this is not true if you have a too small penis in a relaxed state. In this case, your penis should be semi-erotic.

You must tighten the screws until they stop, select the angle of use of the device.

Next you need to push the silicone tubes into the Foam pads . It can be one or two loops, depending on how you feel more comfortable. If you are going to use two loops, you will need to thread them in sequence.

In order to comfortably use the device, it is better to use Band aid under loops even if you use Foam pads .

And Fpam Pads are different from Memory Foam pads . The second ones are more comfortable, breathe better and remember the form of wearing. Those. after you tighten the loops with Memory Foam pads they will be able to repeat this form of puff on the next use. Thus, you will always have a comfortable sock.

  1. So, you should start by wrapping your penis with Band Aid .
  2. Next, you should already have an extender assembled and its rod length set.
  3. You put your penis in a ring
  4. After that, you need to compress the extender springs and stick the penis into the loop
  5. To do this, pull the skin of the penis as far back as possible.
  6. After you pass the penis through the first loop, it must be tightened with the second hand just behind the head of the penis so that the loop is fixed at its base.
  7. Then you do the same with the second loop
  8. When you tighten the loops on the head of the penis, you should release the springs that you previously compressed
  9. The springs will decompress, which should show level 1 on the extender notches. In this case, you are doing everything right.
  10. Next, you need to record the initial measurements of the penis and regularly keep a diary of its use. Write down your feelings, results, the way you put on the extender

As a rule, in the first week it is recommended to use the device for only 1 hour a day, taking breaks. Next, you should increase the load at the rate of 0.5 cm of the barbell every week. But some programs use Quick Extender Pros recommend adding this bar once every two weeks.

You will have rods of different sizes in the set – large, medium and small. There are enough of them in the set to constantly use the extender. But I recommend you buy the Deluxe package standard Limited edition . It includes rods of all sizes and in sufficient quantities, spare silicone loops and a large amount of Foam pads and memory foam pads . Also included are additional springs and you can always use more powerful springs. The penis pump is only included in the deluxe package standard Limited edition .

As a rule, in a few months you will be able to wear the extender up to 5 hours a day with breaks. The results will grow constantly and you will have to hang additional rods all the time. The increase in traction force and the length of the rods will positively affect the growth of the penis.

Initially, the traction force is 600 gr. After a couple of months, you will be able to increase the thrust to 1500 gr.

Always be aware of your feelings, if you feel pain, remove the extender immediately. If some red dots appear on it or the head of the penis turns blue, take a break from using the extender.

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