Penis Extender Results in Pictures(Before/After). Month-by-Month

New horizons for male sexual performance

A penis extender is a kind of orthopedic device designed to correct the shape and size of the male penis. Those who have a positive experience of use remain grateful to him for the cardinal changes not only of the organ itself but of sexual life. Safety, clarity, ease of maintenance, and training have made extenders very popular.

In fact, in just a short period of time, a man has a chance to discover new horizons of sexual opportunities. After all, he once lacked a couple of inches for high-quality sex, and with a penis extender, an unattainable dream became a reality, and without the expensive services of a surgeon and health risks.

1) What is a penis enlargement device for and how does it work? Vacuum systems (Penimaster PRO, Phallosan Forte) and rod systems (SizeGenetics, Quick Extender Pro, Male Edge)

Everything about penis extender results(Before/After)

Before you trust the penis traction device, it is important to understand that its effect is not limited to increasing the size of the penis. Even the most simple device in the form of a barbell model can, for example, change the radius of the girth and affect the quality of erectile function. Such possibilities are a direct result of the action of the force generated by the device.

Principle of operation: what is the operation of the device based on

All extenders provide traction to stretch the penis. Their action is based on the principle of mechanotransduction. It lies in the fact that:

  • using the extender mechanism, the user creates an adjustable tension;
  • in places most exposed to stress, microscopic ruptures are formed at the cellular level;
  • the physiological response of the body to such an effort is the instant completion of new layers of cells at the place of rupture.

Moreover, all this happens almost imperceptibly for the user, without bruising and visible damage to the skin. At the same time, the result obtained is irreversible, that is, everything that can be increased will not go anywhere after the device is canceled.

Penis extender benefits (rods/vacuum)

The penis stretcher increases not only the length of the penis but also the girth and size of the corpora cavernosa – the main erectile tissues. No less important is its action against the curvature of the penis – complete alignment is possible, including in Peyronie’s disease (proliferation of fibrous plaques).

Types of penis stretching devices

All modifications can be divided into two groups: sucker rod and vacuum. Rod, in turn, is divided into strap and loop.

Vacuum systems, which are represented in the market segment by the trademarks Penimaster PRO and Phallosan Forte, are devices that get their name from the attachment to the penis due to vacuum. Their advantage is the fastening by the head.

It allows you to stretch the penis from the base to the tip of the glans without affecting the shaft of the penis.

Also, such models have more opportunities for curvature correction, since when attaching the belt to the head, it is possible to provide multidirectional force using an elastic belt. At the same time, on the body, it can be attached to the shoulder, hip, or waist, to the right or to the left.

Barbell penis extenders such as SizeGenetics, Quick Extender Pro, Male Edge are also fully functional and are able to deal with not only small size but also curvature. But their principle of attachment is by the shaft of the penis directly under the head, using loops or a strap.

2) How should it be used and what is the principle of operation?

Principle of use: from acquaintance to daily training

One of the advantages of the top penis extenders is that there is no need for a prescription or medical supervision. The user can independently purchase the device, read the instructions, and apply until the desired results occur, independently adjusting the tension force.

Why does it work?

The principle of the penis enlargement device is clearly understandable for those who prefer fashionable jewelry tunnels – earrings with a hole in the middle. Gradual stretching leads to an increase in size. The operation of braces in dentistry is based on the same principle, when adjusting the force of the braces puts crooked teeth in place.

Mechanotransduction (medical term) is the body’s physiological response to tension. It is characterized by constant correction of tears at the cellular level, which is formed as a result of traction. The resulting cracks, no more than 1-2 tissue cells thick, are filled with new ones. Therefore, an increase in size occurs at the stretch site.

First results: starting your workouts

It is necessary to use the penis extender in stages. They all have their own pulling forces. Which are expressed in grams, for example, 1000 g or 2800 g. This does not mean that as soon as the user puts it on, he immediately needs to set the maximum. This will not only not speed up the result, but also discourage the desire to use it at all.

The initial stage involves starting with the minimum length, effort, and wearing time. The length is adjusted by the included rod extensions – the more there are, the more precisely the parameters can be adjusted. The force is regulated by swivel nuts.

As for the wearing time, it is different for everyone, since the sensitivity is an individual parameter. The general rule is that initially, the time of continuous wearing and pause should coincide, for example, 10 minutes of training and 10 minutes of a break-in 2-3 sets (up to 1-1.5 hours total time).

Every day it is necessary to increase the workout time and reduce the duration and number of breaks, bringing the total time to 4-6 hours (usually it takes from 2 weeks to a month) and switching to the main mode.

The continuous training regimen for best results

From the moment of continuous use month after month, the user continues to correct the penis extender effort. To do this, he increases the length of the rods, and also increases the effort.

The guideline for the correct load is your own feelings. Not the numbers or color (in some models) of the tensile force. A mild tingling or itching sensation is a normal reaction. A sign of excessive tension is any pain sensation that is a signal to loosen or remove the extender.

The best penis extenders can be worn exclusively during the day, vacuum systems can be used during a night’s sleep, which greatly simplifies the user’s life.

It is optimal to combine the penis stretchers with different massage techniques. This not only improves blood circulation but also speeds up the result.

3) What results can be achieved and what is needed for this? Use every day, apply Jelqing techniques

Patience and work: the secrets of incredible results

Perhaps some users are not in the mood to go step by step towards achieving the goal. But the alternative in the form of surgical intervention will not relieve them of the need to use an extender since in the postoperative period it is necessary to prevent keloid scars.

Penis enlargement Results(Before/After)

The penis extender is able to increase up to 33-37% (depending on the model) in length and up to 15% in girth, as well as correct up to 64% of curvature. And for this, you do not need to go to the clinic and interrupt professional duties. But you need to be patient to take the time to use the penis enlargement device.

Auxiliary means

Also useful are massage techniques that stimulate blood circulation in stretched tissues. One such technique is Jelqing. It is based on the same principle as the action of the penis traction device, only the user will create an effort using the index and thumb of the hand in the “OK” sign.

The resulting grip must be installed at the base and with effort raised to the bridle, then release the grip. Such movements can be done up to 100.

It is necessary to perform the technique on a not fully erect penis when it is 50-70% full. With a maximum filling, such manipulations will not bring the desired effect, and in a calm state, they will cause pain. The advantages of using the Jelqing technique:

  • increased blood circulation;
  • areas that are not involved by the device are affected;
  • the number of micro-fractures increases;
  • the desired result comes 30% faster.

4) How to choose the right one? Must be safe, high-quality, with a guarantee, proven action, simple and convenient, effective

5 Rools: How to choose the best penis extender

In order not to get confused in the variety of models and brands, when choosing a penis stretcher, you should be guided by five simple rules.

Rule 1. Manufacturer

The market segment includes manufacturers from the USA, Germany, and Denmark. Their penis stretching devices have been sold for more than one year, and the sales volumes are only gaining momentum. The purchase of such devices is a quality confirmed by strict control and compliance with international safety standards of the selected model.

Who you should definitely not trust are Chinese manufacturers. In pursuit of profit, they completely forget about safety, using materials of dubious quality that are unsafe for contact with the delicate skin of the genitals.

Rule 2. Safety

Extenders are medical devices. They come into contact with the thinnest skin of the genitals for a long time. Therefore, the composition of materials should not contain phthalates and other harmful compounds that can penetrate the blood and cause allergic reactions.

Rule 3. Quality

It is optimal for the penis stretching device to be registered and approved by the FDA. Most of the devices on the market can be checked on the official website of the organization for the presence or absence of a ban on sales.

Rule 4. Functionality

This rule applies not only to those who want to correct the curvature of the penis. Deliver packages of various assortments simplify the use of the device due to the availability of additional accessories and instructions.

It is especially important to pay attention to the number and the length of bars in the rod extenders since their completeness will allow you to adjust the rod length.

Rule 5. Warranty

The customer-oriented manufacturer will provide a warranty for the purchased device. The longer it is, the more chances the user has to be convinced of the quality and efficiency of the device.

It will also be useful to pay attention not only to user reviews but also to the recommendations of practicing doctors who prescribe devices to their patients.

5) Brief overview of extenders:

Compare different penis extenders by results

  • Quick Extender Pro

Principle of operation: rod model providing traction force up to 4000 g.

Advantages: ease of use, the ability to correct curvature.

Results: Maximum result 36% length and 20% girth in 6 months of use.

Attachment method: two-loop attachment for the penis trunk is provided.

Delivery sets: the manufacturer offers 4 different packages: from the minimum with extension cords and the extender itself to the extended one – it includes additional accessories for the convenience of training, an extended set of extenders, and consumables. Each kit must be accompanied by detailed paper and video instructions.


Principle of operation: barbell strap model with maximum force parameters of 2800 g.

Benefits: One of the few devices approved for sale in the US by the FDA. It is safe for the human body, it is distinguished by the reliability of fastening and the presence of a rotary mechanism to correct the curvature. 120-day warranty applies.

Results: Averages 36% length and 18% girth over 4-6 months, plus up to 46% curvature correction.

Attachment method: the extender is attached to the shaft of the penis under the head with a soft silicone strap with a fixation that prevents the device from slipping.

Delivery sets: 4 different packages are presented – basic, “comfort” with additional accessories, special for curvature correction and maximum with a full set of extension cords, consumables, including for eliminating the consequences of Peyronie’s disease.

Male edge

Principle of operation: barbell model of Danish production. The main distinguishing feature is that all components are made of durable, but flexible plastic, compatible with the human body.

Advantages: it is distinguished by its lightness of design, is invisible under clothes, and can be used during a night’s rest Suitable for those who are allergic to metal bars. Extended (up to 9 months or 1000 hours of use) return and cost recovery guarantee.

Results: Average elongation per week was 1.2 mm. The total increase in length for the full course is 30% of the original dimensions.

Attachment method: attaches to the shaft of the penis with a wide silicone strap, which prevents injury and slipping of the device. 

Scope of delivery: there are three sets of delivery – Basic, Extra (supplemented with polyurethane pads) and Pro (extended), including consumables and accessories for comfortable training.

Penimaster PRO

Operating principle: German-made vacuum extender, which is attached to the head of the penis. The stretching is carried out due to the presence of rods and an elastic belt, which is attached to the vacuum chamber and can be fixed on the body by the waist, hip or shoulder.

Advantages: it is a system that can be used as a straightener with a force of 1200 g or a hanger (stretcher) with a maximum tension force of up to 7000 g. Due to the design features, it is quite convenient for correcting curvatures.

Results: up to 36% of the original length in 4-6 months of daily 4-6 hours of use.

Attachment method: the revolutionary system is that pressure is created in the vacuum chamber with the help of a pump, which literally pulls in the head of the penis. For better adhesion, a special membrane is put on the head, which is processed with an adhesive gel. The shaft of the penis is not affected, it is much easier to put on such an extender than a barbell.

Scope of delivery: The package includes a set of components and accessories for training with the device: extender, vacuum cap, membranes, adhesive gel and pump for creating a vacuum. Detailed instructions are also included.

Penimaster Chrome

Principle of operation: rod extender with strap attachment. It is characterized by the presence of a spring mechanism and a relatively small force in 1150 g. The tension is carried out by choosing the length and adjusting the spring mechanism.

Advantages: represents a sample of German quality, is distinguished by the reliability of the strap fastening, which allows it to be used during night rest and during working hours, leaving it invisible under clothes.

Results: Small force, however, provides up to 32% increase in length from the original. Due to its smooth impact, it is suitable as a starting model for beginners.

Fastening method: the basis of the fastening is a special design medical silicone strap. He is able to fix the device on the shaft of the penis, but at the same time not squeeze the penis during training.

Scope of delivery: the package contains an extender, a set of extenders, a polyurethane pad and an elastic bandage, as well as detailed video instruction with recommendations for the training process.

Phallosan forte

Principle of operation: when fastened to the glans with a vacuum cap, the force is distributed along the entire length of the penis. The maximum parameters are 4800 g.

Advantages: one of the most effective models of real German quality, which is able to act not only on the shaft of the penis but also on the tissues of the head, ensuring the preservation of proportions during training. The lightness of the construction and the combination of materials allow you to extend your workout up to 12 hours without any health risks.

Results: The extender is able to correct up to 46% of the curvature of the penis, as well as provide an increase in the length of up to 40% for a full six-month course.

Attachment method: for attachment, the head of the penis with a membrane on it is treated with a special gel and then inserted into a vacuum cap. Air is pumped out of the cap using a pump (2-3 clicks with the ability to adjust the vacuum strength). The valve then closes and the cap is attached to the rods. In this case, numbness is excluded, since the shaft of the penis is not squeezed.

Scope of delivery: The package includes three sizes of vacuum cap, membranes, clamps, pump, and instructions. Works in the PHALLOSAN plus kit, which contains the extender itself.

6) Conclusions: effectively, if you read the instructions, customer reviews, draw up a program and follow it, constantly increase the traction force

Inch by inch guaranteed: how to get results with a penis extender?

Even if the appearance of the device causes confusion and distrust, most manufacturers offer a money-back guarantee if the extender does not fit.

The basic principle of action is a gradual increase in load. If the extender is treated not as an instrument of torture, but as a special device designed to help men, then the results will not belong in coming. Moreover, there are models that can be used at night while sleeping.

Tune in to the result, act in accordance with the instructions, which are always present in the kit, and you will observe changes every day. Constant adherence to a training plan, which you can create yourself, use tips or a special application, will ensure permanent results day after day.

The main thing is not to force events in the hope of quick changes. Vary the tension and by the end of the first month,  the first quarter of an inch will be visible.

The sequence of actions will ensure reliable results without health risks and will be an excellent alternative to surgery.

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