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Winning With Asthma” – Coach’s Asthma Program

Winning With Asthma Booklet
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Did you know that on an average team of 10, you can expect at least one player to have asthma? Every year thousands of youth athletes suffer with asthma while participating in athletic events, and you, as a coach, referee or physical education teacher can help.

The program was created to help those involved in youth sports learn more about asthma, how it affects a student athlete’s ability to compete, and how to help manage an athlete’s symptoms.

The “Winning with Asthma” program was created by a collaborative effort between the Utah Department of Health Asthma Program, Minnesota Department of Health Asthma Program, and the Minnesota STEPS Initiative and funded by a grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.



In early 2009 The (national) Lieutenant Governor’s Association awarded seven states funding to duplicate the Utah program for coaches in their state. Maryland was one of the seven states, and the Asthma & Allergy Maryland-Greater DC Chapter was selected to execute the program throughout Maryland. The Chapter was provided with special clipboards, certificates signed by then Lt. Governor Anthony Brown, and other education materials to distribute to Maryland’s professional and volunteer coaches who watched the online video and took the short “test” at its conclusion.


The Coach’s “Winning with Asthma” Program continues online even though the Chapter no longer has a supply of special clipboards and materials to award to coaches who participate. The video is worth watching, the questions at the end test your understanding of the concepts, and it is a worthwhile activity for anyone who is a professional or volunteer coach.

Completing the Program is Easy

  1. Log on to: www.winningwithasthma.org
  2. Watch the Instructional Video (15 minutes in length)
  3. Take the Test (As many times as you need to pass)
  4. Fill Out a Demographic Form (Privacy Statement)

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